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is not acceptable. Its scandalous and it is causing deep distress to thousands of people, Trussell Trust Executive Chairman Chris Mould said in an e-mailed statement. The time has come for an official and in-depth inquiry into the causes of food poverty and the consequent rise in the usage of food banks. Food prices have risen by 12.6 percent more than inflation over the past six years, outstripping wages, and higher energy prices are likely to see more people forced to choose between eating and heating this winter, the charity said. Food-bank clients are giving back food items that need cooking because they cant afford to turn on the electricity, the trust said. There are twice as many food banks as last year, accounting for some of the increase in demand, the trust said, though well-established food banks are also reporting that theyre helping more people. Welfare Overhaul An overhaul of the welfare system has led more people to seek help, the trust said, with 117,442 people referred to food banks by agencies including the health service, social workers and police because of delays in welfare payments compared with 35,597 last year. Camerons spokesman, Jean-Christophe Gray, said the increase had been driven by the government axing restrictions on officials referring people to food banks and reflected a British tradition of charitable help for the poor. Use of the facilities increased 10 times under the Labour government that left office in 2010, he added. Its this government that has lifted the block on job centers being able to point people in the direction of the type of additional assistance that food banks provide, Gray told reporters in London . The U.K. has a proud tradition of voluntary and charitable organisations providing additional support alongside the welfare system. The previous government stopped job centers, where job seekers register for unemployment benefit and seek work, issuing vouchers for food banks because they said other help was available and they could not provide consistent support as they were unevenly distributed around the country. Food-bank use increased from 2,814 people in 2005-2006 to 40,898 in 2009-2010, when Labour lost power, the Trussell Trust said.

U.K. Food-Bank Users Return What Needs Cooking as Bills Rise

You can even download apps with live GPS on where vendors are, peruse reviews, and even photograph, rate, and review the food youre eating. Chase Down a Meal on Wheels A lot of U.S. cities now offer legions of mobile food trucks, many of which have websites and Twitter feeds that update where theyll be, whats on the daily menu, and any special deals, including trivia questions that can earn you free toppings and sides. Local food writers and bloggers are a great place to start for tips on which meals on wheels are worth chasing down. You can also take a snapshot with your smartphone and induce food-envy among your entire social network. Look for the Locals Use common sense to guide your taste buds to the best street eats around the world. When youre abroad, spotting a food stand crowded with locals can prevent you from getting sick in India and lead you to the best tacos in southern Mexico. No matter how fancy the surroundings or interesting the smells, if the locals arent going, then theres a good chance the food is either not great, too expensive, or worse, unhygienic. Watch Whats Happening in the Kitchen The best street stalls are the open ones, without hidden kitchens or couriers running off to fetch mystery ingredients. Generally speaking, you want to see your food being prepared. Anything sitting out or ready-made is a red flag for bacteria. Other clues: Warm dishes should be hot when theyre handed to you and cooked fresh on the spot. If you see raw or pre-cooked food sitting out in the open, its another signal to move on. Dont be afraid of looking rude: Its better than spending your holiday in your hotel bathroom.

Walmart Says Food Stamp Shopping Spree Was ‘Right Choice’

15, 2013 Customers push shopping carts at the Wal-Mart location in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, Sept. 19, 2013. Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg/Getty Images Walmart has no regrets about allowing a wild shopping spree at two of its Louisiana stores when an electronic glitch lifted the spending caps on the cards of food stamp recipients. “We know we made the right choice,” Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg told today. The chain has no regrets even though Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services said food stamp recipients should have been limited to $50 each during the emergency and that Walmart will have to pay the difference. Lundberg declined to comment about how much the company may have lost or why it did not follow the emergency $50 limit. Read More: Walmart to Get Stuck With Most of Food Stamp Shopping Spree Courtesy Shelves in the Walmart store in Springhill, La., were cleared Saturday, when the store allowed purchases on EBT cards that didn’t show limits. Another Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling said, “Our focus was to continue serving our customers.” Food stamp recipients jammed into Walmarts in Mansfield and Springhill Saturday when word of the glitch spread. Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd said some customers were buying eight to ten grocery carts full of food. The store in Mansfield temporarily closed because of overcrowding and Mansfield Chief of Police Gary Hobbs said some shoppers left with up to eight carts of food and then went back for more. The food shelves were left bare and all the meat was sold as well, Lynd said. The shopping frenzy was triggered when the Electronic Benefits Transfer system went down because a back-up generator failed at 11 a.m.