Selena Gomez Falls During Performance – Who Else Has Taken An On-stage Tumble Lately?

Selena Gomez Gets Choked Up While Performing! Were Her Fans The Cause?!? Find Out HERE!!

As he tweeted , “I had the most epic fall ever tonight on stage! I fell n then I couldnt get back up. It was like I was on ice loll. Please sum1 have a vid” Luckily, someone did have the video. As one Twitter user joked, “Come see @ScottyMcCreery on ICE! Coming to a city near you!” Tina Fey and Amy Poehler During the 2013 Emmy Awards, the comediennes both tripped on the steps as they made their way on stage to present an award. This was not the only mishap for Tina that night. She also suffered a nip slip , and one Emmy viewer managed to capture the moment with screen caps. Beyonce Last month, during a performance in Sao Paolo, Brazil, for her Mrs. Carter World Tour, Beyonce took a fall when a young fan invaded the stage and tried to hug her, causing her to lose her balance. The “Irreplaceable” singer handled the situation like a pro. At the end of the performance, she reassured the public that “it’s all right.” She also asked the fan his name, and told him, “it’s a pleasure to meet you, I love you too.” Note:This was written by a Yahoo! contributor.

Cutest of cute, Miz Selena Gomez got emotional while performing last night at the First Nigara Center in Buffalo, NY! The adorbs singer choked up after performing her song Love Will Remember. Awwwwzzz!! But why the tears? Well, it seems that Selenita had gotten extra emotional while telling her fans how much she truly relates to them!! Ch-ch-check out her emotional explanation in the Instagram videoAFTER THE JUMP!!! AWWWW! Selena! We feel you gurl!! We wish we could go back to the those days too! Though, we are a liiiiittttttttlllle suspicious! Love Will Remember is Selenita’s song about her ex Justin Bieber !! OH NOzzz!! Were you thinking about the better days with the Biebs and got all choked up!?! Maybe she remembered her little fall from the other night and got all embarrassed!!

Selena Gomez cries on stage: Does she miss Justin Bieber?

The song if you havent heard is a love song is about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Tears welled up in Selena Gomezs eyes on stage and by the end of the song the singer was weeping and sobbing, leaving fans to wonder what is up with the young singer. The news wouldnt be so confusing for Selena Gomez fans if she hadnt done the same thing at her show the previous night. Selena Gomez cries on stage: Missing Justin Bieber? Now two things are speculated, one that Selena Gomez is pining away for Justin Bieber, or two, the singer who, plans on taking a break from music following her currant tour Stars Dance, is just honing up on her acting skills in front of a live audience. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have always had a difficult relationship, The troubled love affair has found the two on and off again a number of times in their young lives. Gomez has had a tough week, crying on stage and her recent embarrassing fall she experienced. Makes you wonder if her mind is somewhere else these days? You make the call, heartbreak, or stage fake? Do you think Selena Gomezs cries were for Justin Bieber?

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