Pupil’s Anger After 15-year-old Roma Schoolgirl Deported From France

Leonarda Dibrani, 15, sits at her home with her family members in the town of Mitrovica in Kosovo earlier today. She was deported after French police hauled her off a bus during a school trip

It said they repeatedly refused to leave, so police detained the father and deported him to Kosovo on October 8. They also detained the mother and five of their children, but Leonarda was away on a school field trip. Police met her bus when it returned. The teenager ‘was crying, she was upset… she was discouraged’ when she got off the bus, Mr Boy said, and teachers and other children were shaken by the incident. Removed: French policemen stand guard as members of the Roma community leave a camp in Roubaix last week Leonarda, her siblings and mother were sent to Kosovo on October 9. She later described being escorted from the bus. A teacher ‘told me to say goodbye to my classmates. I told her it wasn’t fair,’ she said. Leonarda said her life was now ‘a nightmare’ and that all she wants is ‘to come back to France with my family’. Prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault ordered an investigation into how she was taken into custody and said that if any errors were found, the family will be allowed back to France for further examination. The Education Without Frontiers Network said the expulsion was a setback for their efforts to keep illegal immigrants in school and to protect them from police intervention. It is also an embarrassment for Socialist president Francois Hollande’s government, which has portrayed France as a haven for the world’s oppressed and distanced itself from his conservative predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy’s tough policies toward Roma and other immigrants. PR disaster: The incident has embarassed Francois Hollande’s government, which has portrayed France as a haven for the world’s oppressed Thousands of Roma are living in squalor around French cities and are getting involved in a wide range of crimes including armed robbery and aggressive begging. Earlier this month French police began a major crackdown on Roma families and raided gypsy camps around the country, carrying out identity checks.

France says treating Iran’s nuclear overture with caution

“We are waiting for substantive change,” Fabius told parliament. “Given what he know on Iran, the Guide (Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) being the same, we are compelled to be cautiously open.” Paris has been one of the strongest advocates of sanctions to pressure Iran over its nuclear program. The United States and its allies suspect Iran is seeking nuclear bomb-making capability despite Tehran’s insistence that its program has only peaceful aims. French President Francois Hollande was the first Western leader to meet new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the annual meeting of the U.N. General Assembly in September, warning that Paris expected “concrete gestures”. “It is too early to draw conclusions,” Fabius said. “France will not mix up appearances with reality.” So far Iran has defied U.N. Security Council demands that it halt enrichment and other sensitive nuclear activities, leading to multiple rounds of crippling international sanctions that have reduced Iranian oil exports, caused inflation to soar and the value of the Iranian rial currency to plummet. Speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the talks, a Western diplomat said the negotiations had been neither positive nor negative, but the major powers had been able to ask specific questions on key issues and received certain answers creating a basis to move forward. “We can’t say that we will find a solution in the coming weeks, but we now have a tool for a common exchange,” he said. The fact that all the Iranian negotiators spoke English made life easier, he added. The diplomat declined to detail what proposals had been discussed, saying the talks had entered “a serious phase”. Follow-up talks will be held in Geneva on November 7-8. Before that, nuclear and sanctions experts from both sides will meet to discuss in detail the main stumbling blocks. “The objective is to have something more concrete by November.